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Review- Ruined by Tracy Wolff

Ruined (Ethan Frost, #1)

Ruined by Tracy Wolff
Series: Ethan Frost # 1
Published: January 7, 2014
Publisher: Loveswept
Source: eARC provided by the publisher
My Rating 

Fans of Fifty Shades of GreyBared to You, and Release Me will be hooked on Ruined, an electrifying journey of emotional and sexual discovery that pushes two damaged souls to their breaking point—and beyond.

He’s the last man Chloe Girard should love . . . but the first she ever could.

Ethan Frost is a visionary, a genius, every woman’s deepest, darkest fantasy—even mine. And, somehow, I am his.

He stole into my life like a dream. Turned my reality upside down and made my every desire come true—especially those I never knew I had. He demanded everything I had to give and gave me everything of himself in return.

But dreams don’t last forever, and ours is no exception. Because my nightmares are darker, and my wounds deeper, than I could ever reveal. And as much as Ethan wants to protect me, the secrets we share will only tear us apart.

I loved Ethan from the beginning. I thought he was humble, intriguing, and damn gorgeous. But he was also gentle, understanding, and a gentleman who can woo, the perfect man. I liked that in this book we find out Chloe's secrets but in the next one we learn about Ethan's. The cliffhanger in this book blew me away, I had to continue to the next book, I had to find out what happened. 

Chloe was trying to rebuild her life after a traumatic event, on top of that, she felt like her family was against her and didn't have confidence in her. So she had no contact with them. My heart really broke for her when we find out what happened. She was determined to get over it and move on with her life. She is interning in Ethan's company, but things get complicated when he wants to be involved with her and she wants nothing to do with him. She knows how other people are going to look at her and treat her so she'd rather skip that embarrassment. But he changes her mind and burns through her resolve. It was fun to read they're rivalry over the blender, it was so funny. I also liked the belly chain that he got her, a symbol of possession on Ethan's part but nobody could see it so it wasn't that bold. When Ethan and Chloe were good together and steaming hot on the sheets. She couldn't help herself, he was too good to her.

I couldn't help but feel like there was something missing for me though. The writing was great, I love Tracy's writing but this story came up short for me. It also doesn't compare to FSOG in my opinion because Ethan was not a dom and the only thing he and Christian have in common is the abundance of money.

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Release Day Blitz Review & Giveaway- Uninhibited by Melody Grace

Uninhibited Release Day.1

**I'm so excited to bring you this book, I loved this book and the prequel!**

Uninhibited 30-4

Uninhibited by Melody Grace 
Genre: New Adult 
Release Date: July 21, 2014 
Source: eARC provided for review

He’ll teach her a pleasure beyond her wildest dreams…

Alicia Wright isn’t the kind of girl to make out with a stranger in a dark alley. She’s spent years playing it safe, pining after the perfect man – who’s about to marry someone else. She doesn’t know how to move on, until a sexy stranger turns her world upside down with a wickedly tempting proposition…

She’ll rescue him from the edge of oblivion.

Rock star Dex Callahan swore his days of fame and debauchery were behind him, but the spotlight keeps calling his name. Determined not to fall into his old life, he goes looking for distraction -- and finds an intoxicating red-head with a mouth made for sin. One kiss could never be enough, so Dex offers her a deal: spend one week with him, and she’ll forget her old flame ever existed. Together, they’ll ignite a passion that will change them forever… No rules. No limits. As the whirlwind week of pleasure unfolds, Alicia discovers a desire she never knew existed – and the tortured heart Dex hides behind his charming smile. But can old loves so easily be replaced? And when the week is over, will their bond be strong enough to weather the storm? Melody Grace returns with her sexiest book yet! *This book contains adult situations and explicit content.

17+* UNINHIBITED is set 3 months after the events of UNREQUITED, but can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.

melody grace
Book-lover and author of USA Today & international bestselling Beachwood Bay series. I'm 28, a SoCal transplant, and sexy new adult romance junkie ;)



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Uninhibited 30-4

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I've read 6 books in this series and I really love it.
I loved this story, the innocent girl and the damaged rock star. They can save each other from themselves. Alicia was in love with her long time best friend but he had no idea, and now he was getting married so she didn't know how to deal with it, so she takes up Dex's offer.

 “One week. No rules, no limits, just us. I can save you from this unrequited love of yours. And you…you can save me from myself.”

Dex enjoys being with her because she is different from the girls he's used to and it's refreshing for him. He has a dark past, even though he doesn't think he deserves Alicia, he doesn't want to let her go. I liked that he teased her for a few days, he wanted to keep her so he was making sure she really wanted him. And when they got together, oh boy was it hot. Alicia liked to plan everything but she took a chance on Dex, opened herself up to him and experience everything he had to offer.

 “You found me, and you kissed all my troubles away.” - Alicia

 “From the moment I saw her, I knew she could save me from the darkness. My angel, full of sweetness and passion and wild, reckless hope. Every moment we’ve spent together has been a miracle, discovering her, knowing her. Loving her.”

“I don’t need anything else, just this. Just her. Mine. Always.”

I loved how they came together, learned about each other and grew stronger. Alicia was still stuck in the middle with her crush one one side and Dex in the other. She was confused and thought that things were moving too fast with her and Dex when he was ready to be all in with her. I'm happy with the outcome but a cliffhanger. I want to know more! I can't get enough of this series.

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Cover Reveal & Excerpt- Wild Temptation by Emma Hart

Wild Temptation (Wild, #1) by Emma Hart
Release Date: August 18th, 2014

In this sexy new CALL series spin-off series by New York Times bestseller Emma Hart, enter the intense world of a no strings relationship and experience addiction like you never expected...
The moment I walked in to find Mr. Tall, Dark, Handsome, and Oh So British--my mind-blowing one night stand--as my photographer for the shoot that could change it all, I knew life was throwing me a curveball. The moment he, Tyler Stone, walked into my best friend’s apartment, I knew that curveball was heading straight for my gut. The hit comes in the form of a no-strings proposition… One that gives him utter control over my body. If I surrender, that curveball is steadily en-route for a collision course with my heart.
He’s a sex addict. I’m a love addict. This is temptation.

Tyler grabs my arm and tugs me into what looks like an office. He closes the door behind us and spins me into him. “You really are a feisty little thing, aren’t you?”
“Fuck you, asshole.” I glare up at him, shaking his hand from my arm and stepping back.
“Damn, Liv, why don’t you tell me how you really feel?” he says with a smirk.
“Why? So it can go right over your egotistically enlarged head?”
“I might consider it for a moment… Actually, on second thought, you’re right. I won’t pay any attention.”
“You are the most arrogant, self-entitled, patronizing bastard I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting in my life,” I hiss anyway. “And before you mention the pleasure, because you inevitably will, you should know the displeasure far outweighs the measly amount of pleasure you’ve given me.”
Tyler’s eyes darken and he closes in on me, grabbing the back of my head and pulling me into him. His fingers thread through my hair and tug my head back so I’m looking at him, and, “Measly bit of pleasure? Didn't seem so small when you were screaming my name and begging for more.”
“Clearly you’ve never watched When Harry Met Sally. That movie taught a woman everything she needs to know about faking it.”
He presses his lips to mine in a crash of teeth and a tangle of tongue. He grips my hip and pulls me toward him forcefully, his grasp on my hair never easing as he sweeps his tongue through my mouth. The zinging tension of earlier is back, except this time it’s worse and it’s swirling around us and holding us together. Holding his mouth against mine, our bodies flush together.
My anger swiftly changes to desire at the feel of his teeth nibbling my bottom lip, and a whimper leaves me involuntarily when he pulls away.
“I don’t believe for a second you fake it, Liv.” He ghosts his nose along my jawline. “I can feel the realness of your reaction in your body. I saw it earlier—I felt it earlier. My fingers barely brushed your gorgeous arse and you moved away as if I’d run them along your pussy. Your body responds to me whether you want it to or not, and it does it so clearly. So obviously.”
“My body is a liar,” I breathe when he sucks on my earlobe lightly.
“Much like you.” His words are spoken again my skin with a gentle brush of his lips.
“My dislike of you is no lie, Tyler.”
“Well, your body didn’t get the memo, babe. Your body likes me. A fucking lot.”
Purchase the CALL series boxset and read the prologue and first three chapters of WILD TEMPTATION. On sale for $0.99 until July 31st when it will be removed from sale:
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Sale & Excerpt- Winter Angel by Mia Hoddell

Winter Angel
by Mia Hoddell

Genre: YA Romance
Release date: 25th June 2014
Length: Novella

She was on holiday. He was tricked into returning.
Neither of them wanted to be there, but neither could avoid it.

Amy wants to be back under the sun in Portugal. However, when her suggestion is overruled in favour of a skiing holiday, even she can't turn it down. What she couldn't have predicted is that the holiday could make her break the one, and only, rule she has: not to get into a serious relationship again.

When Amy first sees Luke, she knows something is wrong. He's struggling to cope with everything and her need to help people makes him the perfect distraction from the cold. He hasn't been to the Alps in five years and he swore to never ski again. But as his defences are broken by Amy's persistence, the winter paradise begins to reawaken his desires.

However, with constant flashbacks triggering his anxiety, he's torn, battling conflicting emotions as he becomes increasingly captivated by Amy. She has a rule though. She didn't go on holiday to fall for someone and the last thing she needs is to ignore her own advice. Whether or not she can move past her insecurities will depend on whether Luke can face his biggest fear.

Winter Angel is a standalone, young adult romance novella, but is the second book in the Seasons of Change series.

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You can also download Summer Demons: the first, bestselling, standalone novella in the Seasons of Change series for 99c / 77p.

White. Gazing out of the small, circular window, it was the only colour he could see surrounding him. The bursts of light—which had broken through the heavy, grey clouds—were reflected back as the ground grew closer with each passing second. Not too long ago he had been blissfully unaware of the location his sister was dragging him to for a holiday. A bubble of excitement had surrounded him throughout the early morning as he got up, and stayed with him through travelling to the airport and catching the flight. However, it had burst as soon as the icy tips of the mountains appeared and the plane began its descent. Until that moment, he had hoped his guesses had been wrong.
His sister had carefully planned the trip, making sure to hide all clues as to where they were heading, and as she glanced across at him, it seemed as if she had been successful. Luke’s knuckles were white on the arm rests. He had claimed both of them, gripping them so hard they looked like they would snap under the force, or at least be moulded to the shape of his hands when he removed them.
Ellie watched as he took in a shaky breath, but she heard no exhale.
The silence that filled the space around them was icier than the Alps they had just flown over. Her brother’s gaze remained fixed on the window, watching as the ground, and his fate, drew ever closer. Deep, ragged breaths steamed up the window, which was almost touching his nose. Desperately, he tried to control the tremors shaking his body, and his pounding heart, from the fear that washed over him in waves.
“Luke, please, say something.” Worry had crept into Ellie’s tone. She had thought her idea would do him good, that forcing him to face everything would turn him back into his old self. Ellie missed the brother she had grown up with and wanted him back. However, seeing his eyes wide with fear, his jaw clenched in anger, and his arms tense with both, suddenly she wasn’t so sure about her plan.
“You promised, Ellie. You swore you wouldn’t pressure me, and I trusted you with that. You know how I feel about this.” His voice was sharp and curt as he spoke through clenched teeth, trying to keep a hold on his emotions.
The urge to flee surged within him. He wanted to go home, to get off the plane and board the next flight straight back to England, but he couldn’t. Not only was the plane still minutes from landing—trapping him in the confines of economy class, which felt even smaller as realisation forced him to understand Ellie’s plans—but he also refused to waste more money on the pointless trip Ellie had conned him into taking. If he was going to use the money he had earned from before everything changed, it would be on his own terms.
“You’ll enjoy it when you’re there,” Ellie stated, brushing off his comments like they meant nothing to her.
“That’s easy for you to say. You don’t have to live with, or through, what I have.” Luke was trying hard to control his voice. Had they been in private, he would have already been shouting. The cramped environment meant that Ellie was getting off lightly, but he swore that when they reached their chalet, he would not hold back. She had no right to interfere with his life.
“Never tell me I didn’t live through it, Luke. I was there when it happened, in the hospital, and when you got home. I was there through it all. It may not have been me, but it wasn’t like it had no effect on my life,” Ellie hissed. It was the only way she could convey her anger without disturbing other passengers.
“Why though, Ellie? Why is this such a big deal to you?” Luke’s eyes were full of sorrow as he turned to face his sister for the first time, begging to understand her reasoning for putting him through something she knew would hurt him.

Mia Hoddell lives in the UK with her family and two cats. She spends most of her time writing or reading, loves anything paranormal and has an overactive imagination that keeps her up until the early hours of the morning.

With three poems published before the age of sixteen, Mia moved on to short stories but finding she had too much to tell with too little space, Mia progressed to novels. She started her first series (The Wanderer Trilogy) at the age of fourteen and since then hasn’t stopped writing. Elemental Killers is her second series and with an ever growing list of ideas, Mia is trying to keep up with the speed at which her imagination generates them.

Connect with Mia:

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Review- Her Ride by Rachael Orman

Her Ride (Her Series #1)

Her Ride by Rachael Orman
Her Series # 1
Published: May 28, 2014
Source: eARC provided by the author for review
Genre: Adult 18+
My Rating

Being happy. It sounds so simple. Yet, it seems that it’s always just out of reach for Shannon Ryan.

After serving overseas for seven years as a female United States Marine, Ryan is finally getting out the military. But coming home to live with her biker brother and his motorcycle club is more difficult than she thought it would be. Much has changed in the years that she has been gone, including Ellis, her brother’s best friend and childhood crush. 

Ellis 'Dirty' Crane is the second in command for Tormented Souls Motorcycle Club. The only thing he lives for is the club, that is until Ryan comes home, no longer the wild little girl that followed him around. The two things standing in his way of getting what he wants are Patrick, Ryan's brother and leader of the club, and Jeremiah, Ryan’s boyfriend. 

Can Ellis break through Ryan’s walls? Burn them and Jeremiah down? Prove to her brother that he’s the right man for her? Or is Ryan hiding more than she’s letting on?

I was blown away from the beginning, I loved this book. The MC world, Ellis the alpha, Ryan the tough girl. You'd have to be tough to hang out with bikers all the time, have some rough skin because of everything you will see and hear. I loved how she got back from the military, being away for 7 years and she fit right in with everyone. They had a welcome home party, which surprised her. Her brother was the president of the club so he went all out, invited everyone and had a big party. Also to her surprise, since she came back Ellis has made it clear that he wants her. Her crush from so long ago wanted her but she had a boyfriend. Her relationship with her boyfriend on the rocks because he was an abusive sob. I hated him so much! He was a very bad guy.

Things between Ellis and Ryan were hot!! And I was so happy for her to find the happiness she deserved, but there's always a twist that turns everything upside down and I got to see a whole other side of Ellis and Ryan.

This book gave me the feels for sure. I was happy, sad, frustrated, and very moved. Ryan was such a strong woman because of everything she went through, I really felt for her.

Ellis! This man gives me the feels to the max; swoon worthy, badass biker. Yes please! He was so sweet, omg made my heart melt.

"As long as I can still sneak into your room at night and hold you while you sleep."

Seriously, I love this man. He was affectionate and supportive, wow. Ryan was a badass herself and she didn't like the fact that he loved to take care of her but she misunderstood his intentions, he was trying to make her feel special because he wanted to be with her like forever. And the reason why he's called Dirty as his MC name, that just broke my heart, like many things did during this book.

I did love the aspect of the MC and her in her bike. She wasn't part of the club but she was around the club and it's members for a long time. I hadn't read of girls riding before so this was definitely great for me to read.

I really liked this story and I'm looking forward to continuing the series. Next book is Patrick's story, Ryan's brother and president of the MC. And I may or may have not seen some of it. Rachael is so awesome and we because really close and love talking about books.

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Author Spotlight- Scarlet Wolfe

Today's author is Scarlet Wolfe. Here are the first two books in her Soulmates 101 series. She has written a trilogy and other books. This series is adult 18+.

A Week for Love to Bloom (Soul Mates 101, #1)

A Week for Love to Bloom
Series: Soulmates 101 # 1
Published: May 22, 2013

Is it coincidence or fate that brings Justin Garrison and Lauren Evans together on the same dark, country road one May night?
Twenty-five year old Justin quit his job on an oilrig in California and traveled back to his hometown of Masonville, Tennessee. He intended for his vacation in Masonville to be a pit stop on his path to creating a future elsewhere, but an encounter with the beautiful and independent Lauren Evans turns Justin’s future plans upside down.
After a devastating betrayal by her father, twenty-one year old Lauren is left to manage her family’s garden and nursery business in Masonville. Although guarded from the betrayal, she still longs to find love. After a few chance encounters, Justin and Lauren are unable to resist each other.
The magnetic attraction between them opens their worlds to an enthralling period of lust and passion. Will the intensity be too much for them to trust, or will a secret Justin’s family holds about Lauren destroy their chance at a future together?

Brett and Hannah (Soul Mates 101, #2)

Brett and Hannah 
Series: Soulmates 101 # 2
Published: July 17, 2013

Hannah Ray Mason is the daughter of country music legend, Lorna Ray Mason. After finishing her freshman year of college, she’s looking forward to a fun summer relaxing around her pool with her friends. What she doesn’t expect is to fall for her hot landscaper, Brett Adams, who just finished his junior year at the same university.

Tired of his no-strings-attached dating with much older women, he’s ready to find his first girlfriend, but Brett has dating rules he refuses to break. Finding himself in Hannah’s path, he repeatedly protects her from trouble while denying her what she wants most, his love. 

After a series of events, their friends are brought together by friendship and romance. The strong bonds forged among the group are tested by love, jealousy and tragedy. Happiness may come too late for Brett and Hannah when a twisted mind wants his hands on her, and Brett soon learns that accepting someone’s love isn’t a guarantee you get to hold on to it. 

*A scene in this novel may be triggering for victims of physical assault. Brett and Hannah is for mature audiences due to harsh language and descriptive sex scenes.

Scarlet Wolfe

Scarlet Wolfe began writing in January of 2013 as a way to distract and heal from some of the grief she was dealing with after the death of her teenage son. 
She instantly fell in love with bringing characters to life. Releasing contemporary romance throughout 2013, she has already branched out this year, releasing erotica and teen. 
She loves her family, friends, chocolate, wine, stories about possessive, hot alpha males, and other flavors of ice cream besides vanilla. ;)
She hopes her writing will encourage readers to feel more comfortable exploring their sexuality.

Links: Facebook * Website * Twitter * Goodreads

Cover Reveal and Trailer- Elicit by Rachel Van Dyken

** Hi guys I'm so excited to bring the newest book in the Eagle Elite Mafia series, Elicit. I love this series and I love Rachel!**

Elicit by Rachel Van Dyken
Series: Eagle Elite # 4
Expected Publication: August 11, 2014

Cursed, numb, rejected, scorned, wicked, sinister, dark, twisted...my name is Tex Campisi and this is my legacy. I killed my father in cold blood and lost my soul right along with him. 
I crave war more than peace, and I'm about to take my place in history as the youngest Capo dei Capi in the Cosa Nostra...that is until someone stops me, saves me from myself. 

But the only person able to do that...is my best friends sister, Mo Abandanato, and she just ripped my heart out and asked me to hold it in my hands while she put bullets through it. 

Im cursed so I did it. 
I'm numb so I held it. 
I'm wicked so I liked it.
I used the pain Mo caused as a catalyst to turn into my biggest nightmare--the five families greatest enemy. It's my turn to take a stand, knowing full well I'm going to lose my mind to the madness that is the American Mafia. I've always been told Blood is thicker than life. I wish I would have listened. Because regardless of who you love? You will betray. You will kill.
Blood Always Wins. 
The only way out is death...yours.

Welcome to the Dark Side of the Family

AUGUST 11, 2014



Rachel Van Dyken

Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she's not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.
She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband and their snoring Boxer, Sir Winston Churchill. She loves to hear from readers! You can follow her writing journey at Her website
EMAIL ME: rachelvandykenauthor@gmail.com